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Vault is a free, secure online tool where you can upload, store and organize digital copies of vital documents. From financial statements to estate planning documents, passports to photos of valuable assets, you can quickly and securely view all of your most important documents inside one easy-to-use system that recognizes nearly every file type

Vault gives you the security of knowing your most important documents are protected – and right at your fingertips.

Collaboration - Download, upload and add comments to the files you place in Vault. Work directly with your advisor from your own computer, or grant access to other professionals such as your attorney or accountant.

Security - Keep copies of your key documents in a secure location under multiple layers of digital protection- leaving them and you less vulnerable.

Please note: Vault is a tool located within Client Access. You must have a Client Access account to utilize Vault. Login or create a Client Access account.

To learn more about Vault, view this guide, or call us at 605-352-9490 in Huron or 605-357-8553 in Sioux Falls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What types of documents do you recommend I store in Vault?

Financial reports & statements

Legal documents (wills, trusts, deeds, powers of attorney)

Tax documents

Insurance policies (life, disability, home, auto, etc.)

External account statements

Copies of licenses, passports, certifications, etc.

Q. What file types does Vault accept?

Vault supports virtually all common file types except executables (.exe, .bat, .pif, .pi, .vbs, etc.)

Q. Will documents be deleted from Vault after a certain time period?

No, documents will never be automatically deleted. You can choose to delete any document at any time. And, your advisor can delete documents that they uploaded themselves.

Q. Is there a storage limit?

No, you can store as much as you need.

Q. Is there a limit on the size of files, or the number of files I can upload? 

The maximum total file size per upload is 200MB. Multiple documents can be uploaded at once as long as total file size does not exceed this limit.

Q. Who has access to my documents stored in Vault?

Your advisor and office professionals (advisor support staff) with proper entitlements will have access to all documents uploaded to Vault. You can grant permission for authorized representatives, like your CPA or attorney, at the folder level by utilizing the SHARE feature. 

Q. How long does it take to upload a file to Vault?

Upload speed can vary depending on computer speed, internet connection and file size. Typically, uploads take a matter of seconds.

Q. Can I customize my folders in Vault?

Yes, you can create unlimited folders and sub-folders.

Q. How are the documents stored in Vault kept secure?

As a feature of Client Access, Vault is protected by Raymond James' existing security systems, which are constantly monitored and routinely updated. Learn more about how Raymond James protects your privacy

Q. How does the comment feature work? Will I be notified every time my advisor uploads or comments on a document?

You and your advisor can both add comments in the document viewer. You cannot reply to individual comments. All comments appear in order based on the time they are posted. You also have the option to turn email notifications on or off. Either way, an icon will appear with the number of notifications you have each time you log in to Client Access.

Q. Will my financial advisor be notified if I upload a document? 

Yes. Your advisor will also be notified when a comment is added.

Q. Is Vault available on the Client Access mobile app? 

Yes, you can access Vault through the Client Access mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.

Q. Can I view and comment on documents stored in Vault from the Client Access mobile app? 


Q. Can I upload documents or pictures to Vault from the Client Access mobile app?

No, you cannot upload documents or pictures to Vault through the Client Access mobile app at this time.