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Sioux Falls Office Has Moved!

Watch a video tour of our new Sioux Falls offices.

7408 S. Bitterroot Place
In The News

In The News

11/6/20: Thank you SiouxFalls.Business and Interstate Office Products for featuring our space!*

Client-focused brand drives design of growing firm’s new office

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Designed Around Clients

9/22/20 SIOUX FALLS, SD    Cornerstone Financial Solutions, one of the area’s largest independent financial services practices, is excited to announce a major office move to a standalone new building on the South side of Sioux Falls.

Gordon Wollman, Cornerstone founder and RJFS Wealth Advisor, says the organization was excited to be able to acquire land in the growing South side of Sioux Falls. “This location is great for our clients. Many live nearby, and it’s convenient to the interstates for those that travel to Sioux Falls for their reviews,” says Gordon.

At approximately 6,000 square feet, the new office building at 7408 S. Bitterroot Place is about three times larger than the previous office, allowing the flexibility to continue to grow while keeping their focus on the client experience.

Cornerstone had outgrown its space in downtown Sioux Falls and wanted a building that could accommodate their team’s dedication to client service. “Like any smart organization, we are constantly evaluating our service, striving to be better operationally and looking at how to raise the bar on the service and value we provide,” said Cornerstone Partner and RJFS Wealth Advisor, Richelle Hofer.

The new building, meticulously designed with the help of Nicole Higgins of Regal & Rust Interiors, features flexible space for client education events and socializing, secure, private rooms for family meetings and collaboration with other professionals, and team offices strategically placed according to their roles.

The building even boasts an Ultraviolet Filtration System for the HVAC units with technology reported to kill viruses, mold spores and bacteria. Cornerstone’s leadership felt this was an important expense because their typical client is nearing or in retirement and falls into the higher-risk category.

“From start to finish, the building was designed with our client in mind. Each feature and design element reflect Cornerstone’s brand and client-first, family-like culture,” said Richelle.

The move is scheduled for mid-October 2020. The Sioux Falls office is currently located at 224 N. Phillips Ave. Cornerstone’s client base is throughout the Sioux Falls and Huron areas and nationwide.

Client Centered

This WAS the view -  standing in the Bitterroot Place loop looking SE toward Western Ave.

Client Centered

This IS the view standing in the loop at the end of Bitterroot Place, looking SE toward Western Ave.

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