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Understanding Risk

How do you feel about risk?

We all look at risk differently, based on our varying life experiences and financial position. Your personal investment strategy should reflect a clear understanding of what you’re investing for, how long you have to meet your goals, and your comfort level with risk. 

Some investments fluctuate more dramatically in value than others but may have the potential for higher returns. Knowing how you may react to the ups and downs of the market is important, because too often a reaction to market swings has a bigger impact on successful long-term investing than the fluctuations themselves. 

What difference can knowing your Risk Number make®?

We use cutting-edge technology, built on a Nobel prize-winning framework, to help us understand your acceptable levels of risk-and-reward with unparalleled accuracy. Your answers to the Riskalyze® quiz can help us better understand you, develop your Client Profile, and identify and implement an appropriate investment strategy.

 We use this information to help ensure your portfolio fits you and talk about your needs in the areas of liability insurance, life insurance, long-term care insurance, and other available resources.

Riskalyze is an independent third party service provider and is not affiliated with Raymond James.