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Investment Approach

Beginning with an assessment and a clear understanding of your risk tolerance and return objectives, our Wealth Managers use a defined process to recommend the appropriate portfolio for you. Then through ongoing monitoring and regular reviews of your objectives and circumstances, our professionals continue to refine a financial plan that will help you preserve and manage your assets.

 *Diversification and asset allocation do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss. Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of strategy selected.

The Wealth Advisors at Cornerstone

Develop: Develop forward looking risk, return and correlation assumptions for different asset classes.

Optimize: Optimize portfolio asset allocation and build models from the selected asset classes.

Evaluate: Search for and hire best-of-class managers that understand and balance the risk/return trade-off, and build our client’s portfolios.

Monitor: Continuously monitor the money managers and asset allocations to ensure the program is suitable.

Review: Establish a regular review cycle to explore developments which may affect your plan, and ensure you are on-track to realize your financial goals.