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Staying up-to-date can help you make smart decisions about your finances. So can filtering through the noise of the headlines to stay focused on your unique, personal situation and long-term plan.

Because everything is interconnected - tax planning strategies can impact retirement planning, coordinating investment management and estate planning is important, and inadequate protection planning can jeopardize everything - we keep you continuously informed about potentially relevant issues through regular review appointments as well as newsletters, reports and articles such as these:

Tax Report Year-End 2021

Almost every financial action can have tax consequences. How do you choose tax-efficient strategies for your circumstances? Cornerstone professionals stay current on the ever-changing tax environment to help you recognize tax reducing opportunities.

Insights Newsletter August 2021

Our latest perspective on financial planning news.

Financial Journeys (Raymond James Newsletter)

Successful Women (Raymond James Newsletter)

Business Dimensions (Raymond James Newsletter)

Articles about company management, financing and other timely issues impacting your small business.

Estate Planning Mistakes You Can Avoid

Why changing just your will isn't enough. How asking one child to distribute your assets after death can leave them with an unwanted tax bill. What's the best way to leave money to a charity?


Coronavirus, Unemployment, and Your 401(k)

Losing a job is always painful, but can be particularly intimidating when it occurs in the midst of a pandemic. One decision you will have to make is what do do with the money in your 401(k). Consider your options and the pros and cons of each.

Secure Act

From increasing the RMD age to 72, to eliminating the "Stretch IRA", this bill includes some significant changes that became effective in 2020. 

Why does the Fed change interest rates? [Infographic]

A visual breakdown of how and why the Federal Reserve adjusts short-term interest rates. Exploe how the Fed keeps the economy on track through monetary policy, and how its moves ultimately ripple outward.

Market Volatility

Market volatility can happen at any time. While we can't control what happens in Washington or on Wall Street, we can control how we prepare for and respond to the resulting gyrations. Visit this page to hear from Cornerstone's advisors and learn more, including why the markets care about the coronavirus and historical market performance during and after past epidemics.

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