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Estate and Charitable Planning

Who needs an estate plan?

The short answer is everyone.

Many people view estate planning as something to be addressed later in life or only after they have accumulated substantial wealth. The reality is that anyone who owns a home, has children, or contributes to a retirement account can benefit from a simple estate planning review. A basic understanding of estate planning can help you take care of the people who are important to you, potentially reduce taxes, and avoid common mistakes.

Preserving your assets and sharing your wealth with the people and charities you care about requires a thoughtful approach and strategy exclusively focused on you. We have the resources to customize a plan that not only protects your assets, but also helps you coordinate these areas:

  • Estate and Legacy Planning
  • Charitable Giving - Philanthropic and planned-giving strategies
  • Planning and preserving your estate
  • Giving to your favorite charities
  • Funding a child's or grandshild's future
  • Transferring wealth to the next generation and understanding how tax laws affect charitable giving and estate planning

A vital, yet often overlooked part of estate planning is communicating your wishes with your loved ones. Here’s a step-by-step guide to hosting a family meeting.

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