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Fiduciary Standard of Care

Fiduciary Standards are the obligation, responsibility and commitment to put your interests ahead of our own in everything we do. While it’s a legal standard, our belief system always will be to do what is in your best interest, which is the true definition of being a fiduciary.

Are the advisors at Cornerstone Financial Solutions Fiduciaries?

Yes. A fiduciary is an advisor who is required by law to act in your best interest. The federally regulated fiduciary standard requires advisors to act in good faith, provide full disclosure of fees, commissions and potential conflicts of interest. Advice from our advisors is conflict-free and is never related to the possibility of earning a potential commission.

What is the philosophy and mission at Cornerstone?

We understand the tremendous responsibility that comes with your trust. Our advisors abide by the fiduciary standard based on integrity rather than requirement. It is our mission to earn our clients life-long trust by helping them simplify their lives and make wise financial decisions, delivered by an accomplished, customer-centric and financially astute team.

Does being a fiduciary affect the products and services you provide?

As fiduciary advisors we don't offer products designed to generate unnecessary or excessive fees. Our advisors offer comprehensive financial planning and make investments that are consistent with your risk tolerance and goals. 

How does the fiduciary standard affect your relationship with clients?

We continually monitor our client's investments along with any changes in personal financial situations such as; risk tolerance, unexpended medical expenses, health decline or changes in client's priorities and goals that may cause a need for change in direction.

Learn how Cornerstone's Investment Committee sets and implements our investment policy, matching your needs, goals, circumstances, and risk tolerance to the appropriate holdings. The committee meets at least quarterly to evaluate the portfolio construction of advisory accounts, proactively rebalance portfolio construction, watch for red flags and perform stress tests to gauge performance in various market environments.