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Exploring Retirement

Almost every aspect of your life changes when you retire. Your social network, sense of purpose, daily routine and schedule - even dynamics and routines with your partner may have to be adjusted.

Are you worried you'll get bored? Excited to have the time to learn a new skill or travel? Concerned that you and your spouse will argue? If you're wondering what retirement will mean for you, you're not alone. A recent study found over 69% of retirees faced challenges adjusting to their new life.

3 Secrets to a Happy Retirement - Event Recording

Hear tips and resources to help you plan a happy retirement from two of the leading experts in the field of non-financial retirement lifestyle planning. (42 minutes)

Navigating the New Landscape of Retirement (Handout)

To thrive in retirement, you have to understand what the new post-career landscape looks like.

Successful Retirement Resource Guide (Handout)

A list of books and website that can help you transition into retirement.

Rich Life Mindset Scorecard (handout)

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