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Everplans - Planning for Your Life and Legacy

If you had an emergency, would anyone be able to pay your bills or know where to find your health insurance policy?

Would you like to have one secure, easily-accessible place to store everything your loved ones will need in case something happens to you? 

      • Who are your most important contacts?

      • Where do you keep all your vital forms of identification?

      • Have you completed any official or legal documents?

      • What, if any, medical conditions are you currently managing?

      • Are all your financial details and insurance policies easy to access?

      • How do you keep track of passwords?

How Everplans Helps You (And Your Family)

Secure, accessible digital storage for estate planning documents.

You can organize important information and documents like wills, life insurance policies, healthcare documents, pet information, digital accounts, family recipes, photos, and so much more. There's even a place for information about online accounts and home utilities.

Then, you choose which parts of your plan you'd like to share with important people, helping to ensure your wishes are met and your loved ones are prepared if something happens to you. 

If you’re just starting out, completing just one or two items can be meaningful to your family. If you already have plans in place, this tool can help you share items in a secure yet instantly accessible location.


You'll find over 1,000 articles, checklists, and worksheets to help guide you through legal, financial, healthcare, and personal end-of-life planning, and prepare you for conversations with your estate-planning attorney and family. Take a look at the Everplans library of helpful checklists to help you get and stay organized.

How do you know what information your family will need if something happens to you? Start with this fillable Essential Planning Checklist.

Dig deeper with these 'In Case You Get Hit By A Bus' resources.

Learn more at or on the Everplans FAQ page.

Complimentary Everplans Account

Because we believe this valuable tool can help ensure your wishes are met and your loved ones are able to move forward with confidence, we are happy to provide a complimentary Everplans account by request. If you're not a client of our practice we will reach out to answer any questions you may have about our services and we will add you to our email list which you can easily unsubscribe from anytime. That's it - no strings attached.

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