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| March 08, 2023
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I would like to take a break from financial and economic topics and share with you a message I feel is very important, especially in these times of volatility and uncertainty – two things the world has had its fill of in the past few years. My message is about gratitude.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the essential meaning of gratitude to be a “feeling of appreciation or thanks.”  During the year-end holiday season, there is a universal theme of being thankful for the blessings the past year bestowed upon you.  However, each and every day you have an opportunity to embrace and share gratitude.  Harnessing this feeling and carrying it with you through the year - making it a habit - can be a powerful shield in times of difficulty. 

A study that Psychology Sciences released revealed that participants who expressed gratitude (, 11/25/2019):

•  Were more likely to generate better results than those who looked for immediate gratification. 

•  Displayed more patience and happiness with their current situation.  

•  Reduced impulse buying due to feeling more overall contentment

•  Were less reliant on the high that immediate gratification can provide.

Remember – gratitude can be an attitude!

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